No real healer in his right mind will ever prescribe poisons to his patients.  Not one.  Not one of the various teachers I have trained in ever suggested the use of birth control pills, birth control patches, iuds, birth control shots / injections and absolutely no injurious disabling ligation or vasectomies.  Those are all harmful, exclamation point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Women all over the world should read what I just posted on under the birth control forum, the mirena forum and the contraception forum… all forums where women repeatedly ad nausea um complain and share their horrible experiences from the plethora of birth control chemicals and hormones in the market.  A collection of suckers if you will.  They don’t like hearing that.  They do not like the “I told you so” line.  But someone has to say it. And they have to swallow it. And they have to keep posting their stories for other women to read them:

Aren’t you sick of all the sob stories about sick women all telling their hormonal and birth control sad and sick stories?

  • How about just stopping the madness of chemical birth control? If it’s got chemicals in it, don’t use it!
  • How about just stopping hormonal birth control? If it’s got hormones, don’t use it!
  • How about just stopping the taking of any kind of DRUG? If it’s a drug, it belongs in the EMERGENCY ROOM only. Not as a daily or regular thing.
  • Just say no to injections, pills, chemical laden IUDs and patches or inserts.

Can’t you just pass this rule of thumb to all your women friends? Stay away from “doctors” who prescribe these poisons?


I mean… it’s… excuse me… sex partners… but I’ve got to poison myself continuously if I want to have wild sex with all of you…


Come on !!!

— end of rant —

I got 2 good responses:

As a Mirena victim, I don’t think of the tales on here as “sob stories”.

When I still had the Mirena inside me and no idea what was causing all my illnesses, I was very grateful to read graphic accounts from other women worldwide outlining their experiences.

My doctor never informed me about the chemicals inside the Mirena or about any potential side effects. It was only though reading sites like this that I became aware.

For that I will be eternally grateful and hope that other women who are also suffering will be able to read similar accounts and gain the strength to have the Mirena removed.

Thank you for the testimony.
You are awesome!

and a great 2nd response:

Goodsam, it must be great to go through life knowing everything. Really, do you think the people on the forum intentionally tried to hurt themselves by using birth control ? Get a life.


I’m frustrated about:

– why you were conned
– why the mass media fools majority of women
– why the mass media fools majority of the public
– why these companies are allowed to do this mass poisoning
– why this kind of suffering goes on with this generation and why it will continue to victimize new generations of women.
– why $$$ is more important than the suffering of women
– why the so called FEMINIST movement or EMPOWERMENT seems to be in CAHOOTS with poisoning women.

Yes it is frustrating to know “everything”, I’ve known my wife for 20 years. When I was 21 she and I already knew birth control pills hormones and chemicals were VERY VERY much POISON.

Can we all make the effort to stop this chemical and hormone birth control idiocy from spreading?

The people at “The Pill Kills” seem to be doing it right.

This madness, this mass poisoning and injuring of women around the world has got to stop.

See my forum post at

Birth control madness is so prevalent, real healers always ask sick women patients… what birth control method were you on or are you still on?

Will you tell all your lady friends and all your young teenage lady friends to NOT poison themselves?