In the spirit of Nutrition Month, I would like to educate you about why some of the top diseases in the Philippines are caused by this current suicidal urban disgusting Filipino Diet. Go to any turo-turo and people are expected to order the cheapest rice, cauterized meats flavored with chemical salt, chemical gmo soy sauce, MSG, artificial flavor chemical mixes in sachets, and served with colored soft drinks. Breakfast is instant coffee x in 1 and pan de sal… a wheat monstrosity. And their idea of vegetables are the indigestible kang kong and the kidney killing monggo beans. And their idea of great meals is going to brand name fast food places.

The complete mis-education of the Filipino mind in terms of diet is complete. The suffering and death is so wide spread. IQs and EQs at all time lows. The entire country is a mess and there is no stopping this matrix of mass marketing lies and institutional idiocy backed by corporate interests. The only way you can save yourself and your family is to awaken from this matrix of money and take the red pill of truth.

July 2011 is celebrated nationwide on the barangay, municipal, city, provincial, and local levels as Nutrition Month in the Philippines to encourage everyone to eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Section 7 of Presidential Decree 411 designates July as Nutrition Month to create greater awareness among the Filipinos on the importance of nutrition, focusing attention on making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

Filipinos had forgotten, or never known, never taught what healthy and nutritious foods are. The common Filipino diet today is one of the most atrocious suicidal diets known to humanity, something I and my healer friends agree on.

To point out the bad things in the common Filipino urban diet:

  • instant “food” (just add hot water bs)
  • canned “food” (preservatives and other flavorings)
  • packaged / processed “food” (hot dogs)
  • multinational fast “food” like burgers… french fries… deep fried 28 day chicken
  • soft drinks
  • bottled drinks
  • when you go to market you buy the worst fish, farmed fish: tilapia, milk fish / bangus, cat fish / hito (fed with gmo feeds and chicken poop)
  • when you go to market you buy the worst meat, farmed animals: factory pork, factory chicken, factory chicken eggs (fed with gmo feeds and lots of drugs)
  • low quality, multiple grain… zero purity… polluted with low quality “NFA” rice
  • the worst vegetables: tomatoes, egg plants, potatoes, bell peppers (all nightshades)… kangkong (the most indigestible vegetable there is)
  • the worst vegetables: SEEDS like monggo beans… who started this idiocy? Mongo beens is too much plant protein and no fat… plus other beans and legumes… like peanuts… peanuts are not nuts… they are legumes… bad for you… let’s talk kidney damage, high blood pressure, unclean blood.
  • choosing imported fruits over local fruits… why people buy imported apples and imported oranges which are usually full of chemicals needed for importation requirements… when lots of local fruit is organic by default.
  • the worst condiments: MSG and its derivatives to artificially “enhance” the flavor of bad food above… advertised in every tv show… and polluting each and every turo turo (eatery)
  • the worst condiments: “iodized” factory salt chemicals combined to make artificial “salt” pure chemical
  • the worst condiments: cheap, pressed “soy sauce”… those ugly non-fermented, full of the worst characteristics of soy in your body.
  • the worst condiments: pre-powdered pepper… mixed with extenders such as charcoal to cheat you and gain “them” more profit.
  • the worst cooking oils including margarine: the industry sells you on “vegetable oil” which they advertise as “zero cholesterol” and b.s. that says “good for the heart”… yet this is exactly what is the worst for you.
  • the pushing of soy in all its infernal iterations: TVP, meat substitute, taho, soy milk, soy sauce
  • wheat / flour in all its infernal iterations: in bread, noodles, pasta, pizza, pan de sal
  • pasteurized milk and saying it’s good for the bones and calcium…

These and more and more and more commercialized advertised crappy “food” and you watch it all on TV is what is making you sick as you consume all of it and are happy about it, every single day. You are mesmerized by this artificial fantasy world that TV has created for you and you are fulfilled when you are able to purchase, consume the products they promote… and you are sick. The number one killer in the Philippines I believe is heart disease.

And the institutions give you the WRONG reason why heart diseases is the #1 killer. Given the above, the reason heart disease is the number 1 killer is that the above Filipino diet causes bowel constipation, causes kidney failures and kidney reduction in function. It is blocked kidneys that are at the CORE of heart disease. The heart’s job is to pump the blood through the kidneys for the kidneys to clean the blood. With blocked kidneys, damaged kidneys, the heart needs to pump consistently faster, raise the blood pressure, so the kidneys can do the job of cleansing the blood. So the heart and the arteries get damaged, beat up, over worked, enlarged and fail.

The expert idiots keep wanting to manipulate the heart itself when actually it is the kidneys that need fixing. And the kidneys can only be fixed by cleansing the colon and approaching an original human diet called a raw paleolithic diet. And in the case of kidney damage, only the most digestible raw foods like organic fruit, fatty fruit like coconuts and raw sea food… and the cessation of cooked protein consumption and the cessation of vegetable consumption and zero chemicals in the food and on the skin.

Cancer is caused by many possible vectors: parasitic, metabolic and waste / dirt accumulation / toxicity. The current suicidal Filipino diet is toxic, which leads to infestation of parasites, and the entire diet is metabolically wrong. Add the drugs given to suppress immune system reactions and / or chemically poison bodies at the mindless targetting of phantom cancer cells, and there you have it, the cancer hysteria and propagation.

Pneumonia is mere incompetence of the institutions to recognize blocked sewage and toxicity and non-recognition of detox methods and protocols. A narrow minded brainwashed drug-only approach.

Tuberculosis always has been a malnutrition issue. The over reliance on the cheapest foods to fill the gut space with useless rice which provide carbs only and useless vegetables mostly indigestible and non nourishing. Urban Filipinos are too poor to afford real food from organic fresh fruit and organic meat. And the suicidal filipino diet avoids animal fat.

Diabetes is a malnutrition and metabolic disease at the same time. Filipinos always cook their vegetables. They do not know how to eat raw vegetables, or juice raw vegetables for real nutrition. This raw vegetable nutrition eaten regularly will allow the body to metabolize the carbohydrates ingested. The following of the old USDA food Pyramid is the biggest cause of diabetes. Filipinos are brainwashed against all fat and see all carbohydrates are good… so Filipinos will eat pancit with rice and bread and drink soft drinks and eat sugar and pasta to no end… and they see this as normal… NOT!

The Filipino MIND, and commercial industries, and the diet education institutions are killing the Filipino people. No one can save you but yourself. Learn the truth. Learn about the original human diet called a raw paleolithic diet. The more you approach that the better your health. Go for original specifications. You feed your new car the original specified fuel. You should feed your bodies the original specified nutrition as well. Raw paleo diet is the key word. We have an international forum called, Join now.