Cancer scares people to death.  Cancer, not everyone really wants to live, not everyone really wants to get well.  What if I told you that I cure cancer… really easy and at the same time cheap.  It is the most natural human cure ever devised by nature.  Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden did it, so you can too.  The foundation is Adam and Eve’s original diet, a raw paleo diet.  And did I tell you that it involves eating a lot of raw bloody meat and raw fat from healthy organic raw animals?  So let’s see your resolve now.

I just wasted my time online in a forum with someone messaging me if I really did know how to cure cancer.  Obviously and boringly yes.  So he asked if I could help his mother who has lung cancer moving on to liver cancer.  I said yes.  And I gave him my outline.

My mother has lung cancer that’s spread to her liver.

Here was my outline:

Same procedure I would use for the latest man I cured of pneumonia.

Raw paleo diet first, then detox protocols.

Be consistent and be strict.

Zero drugs.

Is she in pain?

Follow this protocol

Join our raw paleo diet forum, sign up as a member, you have to learn raw paleo diet yourself first before you can administer it to your mother.  You have to turn 180 degrees on many many medical paradigms that are absolutely wrong.

I post there as goodsamaritan.

I’ll have to challenge you to do the diet and the detox on yourself first.  You have to be 2 steps ahead of your patient with your own experience on your own body.  The patient will have to mimic your eating and lifestyle and your detox protocols.

You are going to be pressured to learn not just for yourself, but to be a teacher as well.

And then, your mother will get well.

You will have to find a way to get rid of all the drugs and the doctors and the naysayers in your family.  It will depend a lot on if your mother listens and follows you or somebody else.

Personally, if you are a first time to this kind of healing, and if you have the money, I would rather you go to a professional who can do this for you and you can learn at the same time.  My friend Vander is a professional healer.

I only heal my family members.

So this person gets back to me and says:

I looked it up and saw it was eating raw meat. That won’t do. We will not eat raw meat.

This person was a classic:

Well, you are a classic example of why people do not get well.
Closed minded.
“Will not eat raw meat”.

At least you read it.
And you refused it.
And you didn’t care to be curious or envious about the people who were cured by it.

Try other healers who have exotic drugs, exotic herbs, and exotic methods that may appeal better to you.

Now do you see why cancer cure is not for everyone? People do not want nature, they refuse NATURAL original specifications of raw bloody meat, raw animal fat in all its natural HEALING GOODNESS.

I am not humble. I am boastful. With nature and anthropological evidence and the people I routinely cure as evidence backing me up shows… cancer cure with raw paleo diet and lifestyle as the core component… works.

If you are not on raw paleo diet and lifestyle, you are living and eating an UN-NATURAL life and you will be gladly disposed of by nature prematurely.

And no… eggs only will not suffice… you need raw meat, raw fat, raw organs… the works.