Steve Jobs just died. You know, that great Apple CEO, the visionary. He had all the money in the world yet he just died in his mid 50s. Steve jobs was rumored to have been diagnosed with a disease called cancer and having all that money in the world he was rumored to have of course spent tons of it in what he thought were the best cancer treatments money could buy: Medical Cancer Treatments – chemotherapy, radiation, surgery. And when that failed, he was rumored to have gone vegetarian / vegan… whatever, as long as it was meat – less.

How un-lucky can a rich guy get? Just as un-lucky as any moneyed or insured person. The salesmen will get you. All offering their $$$ treatments with $$$ in their minds. And you thought the more money you spent, the better treatment you would get?

Ha! If Steve Jobs had come to me, I would have let him sleep in my office just like I did with my last penny less patient. Same treatment for you Steve: raw animal fat, raw animal meat, raw fruits in season and some raw vegetables… then some detox protocols and maybe electrical stuff… then I’d invite some of my other specialized healer cohorts to see your particular case… but I’d be on top of it and manage them all.

Real healing, the real cure for cancer is of course found in nature. Follow nature closely, the nearer you are to nature, the simpler things get. Nutrition – detox – Nutrition – special supportive treatments (blood circulation, nervous system optimization, teeth, etc.)

Do you remember the movie Little Nemo? The clown fish caught in his coral reef in the pristine Australian ocean? If you keep the clown fish in an aquarium, he eventually gets sick. What do you think is the easiest and most logical way to cure the clown fish? That’s easy, with a snap of your fingers you know instinctively, return little Nemo back to the ocean where he has all the conditions and food to be well.

And what of humans? You forgot where humans come from? The mythical Garden of Eden… just like Adam and Eve.

Nutrition being the top priority that you do every day. If you are not on the original natural human diet of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, then you are doing it WRONG and making yourself sicker by the day. No middle ground.

And what did Adam and Eve eat? Surely raw animals, fruits in season and a few vegetables and root crops… all raw! They weren’t born in the Garden of Eden with pots, pans and stoves… that’s just silly. As silly as most people cook all their food every single day. Return the human to the Garden of Eden and ta dahhh… cured human.

So chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are usually just plain silly. $$$ silly. You spend $$$ on an idiotic industry who admits in their official propaganda there is “NO CURE FOR CANCER” yet… please donate.

What is even sillier is cutting off all animal foods from the human diet. Hello, there is no single human tribe whether historically or prehistorically that have been vegan. The fossil records show humans ate meat. The human primary food is meat. We are the king of the earth, we are the top predators, we are human. We need meat, we thrive on healthy clean natural meat. What’s more, we need a lot of raw animal fat.

Vegans and vegetarians are merely kindergarten to immature teenagers who with a little knowledge of detoxing through cooked meat abstinence think they’ve struck gold. You vegans and vegetarians need to stop attempting to heal people with your immaturity and you should first grow up into raw paleo dieters before you venture into healing people.

Depriving humans of meat means you cut off his most cherished need for raw animal proteins and raw animal fat and raw internal organs with the most precious minerals in them in their most biologically available healing goodness.

Sick humans need a lot of raw animal fat. That cholesterol hypothesis where you are told to avoid fat is the biggest most harmful lie in the history of human diets. The low fat diet, anti animal fat diet hysteria has caused misery to millions and millions of people world wide.

So puhleeze get the rumors straightened out. People die more often from medical cancer treatments… not “cancer” itself. In fact, “cancer” is your body’s way of protecting you, isolating and encapsulating dangerous poisonous stuff. A lump, a cyst, are self defense mechanisms. Only twisted minds will brand that as something treatable in $$$… a sales pitch. Branding people with cancer opens the flood gates to a plethora of snake oil salesmen.

And this is why I believe cancer cures must be open source. Cancer cure is talked about point by point in this website. Just like Linux the computer operating system is open source, cancer cures must be altruistic and open source.

I would like to send my condolences to Steve Jobs’ loved ones. Hopefully you will find my website and my teachings some day. There will come a time when all people will know how to cure cancers for real… open source… common knowledge. Make it happen. Pass around