Sometimes the raw paleo diet community can be so smug as to bad mouth colon cleansing and enemas as all bad.  This is totally uncalled for.  First of all, we cannot expect all people all the time to be able to shift to a high fat raw paleo diet.  Most of the people I had help stayed with their SAD diet.  But they still need to be helped.  And in extreme emergencies, when there is NO TIME left for the sick, you have to do emergency procedures like a herbal colon cleanse and coffee enemas.

I answered a question:

What would you recommend given the information I’ve provided? Should I first attend to my colon then my liver? And if I were to attend to my colon, would you recommend an enema over colon cleansing products?

There is no correct answer… it DEPENDS on the situation. Witness these situations:

1. With my 10 year old latest sick son… now almost fully well, no amount of herbal colon cleansers, oils taken in mouth, water enemas, vinegar enemas, coffee enemas could grab onto and dump out his impacted feces in pockets. It had to take extra virgin OLIVE OIL enemas to get them all out.

2. With my plumber who had TERMINAL liver cancer 6 months to live, his colon plumbing was just so plugged up. Because in the 10 years he was diagnosed with liver cancer he and his doctors did not know about colon cleansing or liver flushing or raw diets. I merely taught him to buy Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea, take it for 5 straight days, then do egg yolk liver flushing and kidney cleansing, eat raw meat and fat sometimes. Ta dah, he is all cured.

The colon cleansing resulted in him getting rid of mucoidal plaque. Those black ugly crap from the colon.

3. Young woman 21, couldn’t get pregnant after 6 months of trying. Suffering from ACID REFLUX, dependent on taking antacids. Gave Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea, take for 5 straight evenings. No diet change. Cured. She gets pregnant and has her baby. SAD dieter.

4. Liver cancer patient 60 years old. In total body pain. No pain reliever works. Morphine does not work anymore. I teach them to do a coffee enema. He calls me up in the early morning and exclaims he has slept the best sleep in months and his pain was instantly relieved. “Why don’t the doctors know about this ?”

5. My brother, full body psoriasis attack. SAD dieter, full of medical drugs and steroids. Emergency herbal colon cleanse immediately relieves him.

6. My grandmother 88 years old full blown pneumonia. In hospital. Hospital says they had given up and she was going to die. I finance my aunt to fly in to that province, she gives apple juice, then the herbal colon cleanser. Grandmother poops tons after 4 days of hospital neglect. She is CURED of pneumonia and lives on to this day she is 92.

7. Another grandmother, then 82 years old. SAD dieter. None of her laxatives work. 1 week no poop. I supply Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea. She gets her poop.

And I have lots and lots and lots and lots more stories I could give you, all first hand. Enema, colon cleanse are TOOLS in the hands of a skilled healer could spell the meaning of life and death… in an EMERGENCY!

The basic thing is, you give something to a sick person as general treatment, something that does no harm. Or does the least harm. 30 to 60 ml of castor oil comes to mind. Or Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. Or Colosan. Or oxypowder.

If you have never done any colon cleansing ever in your entire life, it may be prudent to do one of the above. As I have not met you face to face, it is hard for me to judge.

I would not bet on colon hydrotherapy. I feel that is too much of a shock. Me and my family did colon hydrotherapy. But when we learned to use enemas and colon cleansers and castor oil, we never looked back and felt colon hydrotherapy was harmful and not as effective.

I would use Barefoot herbalist MH LBB later to restore colon function and even strengthen better than ever.

The order of detox is always:


#1 Colon Cleanse
#2 Kidney Cleanse
#3 Liver Flush

I got a detox list here

Barefoot Herbalist MH orange juice fasting with raw eggs with LBB (check your activation dose how many you should take) and nightly warm water enemas if you don’t poop may be for you.