My 8 year old robust young boy has a fever, he feels bad, he missed school today. It was also a good time for me the father to give a little lecture on why he is sick and how to get rid of his illness and how not to get sick again.

First observation. Raw paleo dieters do not get fevers, coughs and colds. Why? Because we are eating as nature intended. Raw, natural food, easy to digest, without the toxins of cooked food.

Second observation. Getting fevers, coughs and colds is a regular occurrence with cooked food dieters. This happens annually once or twice or more and is expected to happen. The sick is not hungry, no appetite, the body wants a cessation of pollution from cooked food. And with this cessation from cooked food, the body as expected recovers.

We put this 2nd son of ours on a raw paleo diet today. He is expected to recover this evening, well enough to go back to school the following day. No harm done, just a little rest from all the cooked food toxins.

All cooked food have toxins in them. You have to have mighty detox organs with all the cooked food rushing in day and night the whole day. Sometimes the detox organs get overwhelmed, you get sick for a few days.

A solution may be to have a raw day once a week or even just a raw day every other week. Just so the cooked food eaters will have a rest from detoxing.

People need to know, people need to be educated about the root cause of the common fever, cough and cold. It is cooked food. Accept it. Adjust accordingly.