Just last Wednesday almost the entire house hold was down and out. Most too sick with LBM, puking, total head ache, total body aches, some more severe than others. It was a scary sight from out of a horror movie. I’m left standing, my son I’m treating for another case left standing, and sister in law left standing. Everybody else was down: 4 maids, senior mother in law, my wife, 2 children.

We did standard food poisoning procedures:
– activated charcoal
– no need for castor oil or dr tam’s miracle tea, people were just pooping all over

For initial germ warfare:
– hand held zapper: helped Arlene
– oregano oil

Supportive against headaches:
– quantumin mineral drops

Supportive for body wide well being
– pyroenergen
– anthroposophic medicines

We immediately suspected:
– the water filter and dispensers
– the rice supply
– the rice cooker

After 1 day people were not getting any better. We got an appointment with the beam ray operator Romy Macapagal.

Day 1 at the Beam Ray, prime suspects plugged into the beam ray machines:

– Amoebiasis
– Proteus (various protozoans)
– Cryptosporidiosis

We were there for some 6 hours. Most became vastly improved to the point of getting well: 2 maids, wife, 2 children.

Day 2 My wife, 2 children were not fully well but functional, chose to stay home. I instead gave them oregano oil bombing:

– 1 capsule oregano oil every 1 hour (wife and 2 children)
– 1 capsule 3x a day olive leaf powder (wife / adult only)

They got well.

Day 2 at Beam Ray, mother in law gurgling tummy and 2 maids very very bad condition unimproved. 1 maid in total fatigue and pain, 1 maid non stop pooping and pain.

This time Romy Macapagal suspected something else and modified his beam ray programs to run:

– Pseudomonas
– Abdominal Ache Program
– E. Coli a passing program – just garbage men

And voila! It was the Pseudomonas and the Abdominal Ache Program that lit up our last 2 maids Jo and Arlene. It was as if a switch was flicked and they were suddenly, instantly well! Right before our very eyes. Now that is space age, “Star Trek” healing.

All the people in the house were glad and amazed that Jo and Arlene who left at 7am sick to death come home super alive and kicking. It was just awesome seeing all those eyes pop out in joy and surprise.

So all’s well that ends well in the Protozoa / Bacteria calamity. It was very draining for me. For weeks I had already been on super stress mode healing and attending to my sick son day and night. On the very first day I finally am able to open my office with my now healing boy accompanying me, all hell broke loose and everyone was calling me our house hold people and my wife and 2 other children were falling down with illness one by one.

Clue to why me and my son were unaffected? Maybe it is because I’m on raw paleo diet and my son is on raw paleo diet to treat his current illness? It is unfortunate we got to drink some of that water because of the orange juice fasting my son has to do.