I just saved a young lady from appendicitis surgery.  She’s been having stomach pains for 5 days.  A visit to the hospital doctor and she is diagnosed with having an inflamed appendix.  And that she is highly recommended to have surgery to remove her appendix.  So that is major surgery, missing an organ, and being hit by a 70,000 peso bill she could not afford.

Oh I heard about it.  Promptly gifted her the gift of life:

My way is better, faster, cheaper, safer than the doctors and the hospitals.  She got rid of her appendicitis pain in just 5 hours.  She avoided surgery, and she kept her appendix.  And she need not be absent another day from work.

Is my appendicitis cure worth the same amount as the medical appendicitis surgery?  Consider the fact that surgery has risks from anesthesia, the loss of your appendix organ that makes probiotics, and the amount of time it takes you to recover and miss work days.

And this is why appendicitis cures, real cures that I know are not well advertised.  There is no profit in this.  There is no marketing budget.  Maybe it is time to advertise appendicitis cures without surgery.

How much is the appendicitis cure without surgery worth to you?  More than the medical surgery bills I assume, based solely on the super spectacular results compared to the hospital appendicitis surgery method.

So let’s make a test, shall we?  If my appendicitis cure without surgery is worth a lot, I’m not going to reveal it just yet.  Let’s wait for comments to come in if you are interested in knowing a cure for appendicitis without surgery.