I just came from the funeral of my uncle.  I saw his picture in a wheel chair, gaunt, bald, emaciated, zombie like at 61 while his 93 year old mother is standing beside him.  It is the the result of several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy he received and willingly paid for.  It is sad, but we knew this as the most probable outcome.

Last year I recorded and blogged that I made a mercy mission and flew to my uncle’s province bringing him my tools to help cure him of brain tumor and lung tumor. The best tools I had were fresh raw beef muscle and fat, and fresh raw beef liver.

I was showing him how to eat raw red meat and raw fat. I even demonstrated and tested him how much searing steaks at the least he can do. We tried 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes… he liked it at 10 minutes super duper charcoal well done steaks. What the?

We tried the liver, raw liver, seared liver… he darn turbo broiled the liver to charcoal well done. What the?

It is this realization that some people have complete aversion to raw red meat and raw fat that is saddening. Cannot even do seared. Yet it is raw red meat and raw fat that is the crux of the healing.

So he chose to spend whatever money they had left for chemotherapy and radiation. My big macho man muscled uncle turned near skeletal.

I sincerely hope my living relatives would first consider and execute a raw meat, raw fat, raw paleo diet before ever venturing into chemotherapy. A raw paleo diet is body building while the chemotherapy is emaciating.

If the chemotherapy action you are looking for is merely anti parasitic, then there are beam rays and zappers and herbal dewormers that will do the same job.

I have the picture of my uncle and his mother but it looks too gross and sad I will not be posting it publicly.