Lots of people are turned off when the word “dieting” comes along because they associate “dieting” with having to force feed yourself salad greens… leaves for crying out loud… leaves are rabbit food, goat food, cow food.  Green salads by themselves without condiments taste bad, eating lots of green salads as your staple food will turn you miserable and grumpy.  Hell no, I make it clear that salad greens are at the far bottom of my raw paleo diet recommendations.  I’m more of the raw meat plus raw fruit raw paleo dieter.  Meat and fat fills you up, satisfies your hunger, makes you happy.  Fruits too, more dehydrating than filling.  Salads suck.

Meats are at the top of what we need.  Fruits provide hydration and other minerals not in meat.  Leaves are mostly indigestible to us humans.  Fruit has water structure and mineral structure that was made by plants for the very purpose of being eaten by animals.  Leaves in general do not want to be eaten, they taste bad to us.  Salad greens are leaves whose minerals are not optimized for human consumption.  Stick with fruits please.

So the next time someone offers you paleo diet, or raw paleo diet, welcome him.  No, we do not suggest stuffing you with raw salad greens.  They suck unless you put dressing on it, which is technically cheating your body.  You alter the taste of a leaf to make it seem edible to you, but inside you pay the price for eating leaves which is indigestible unless you had 4 stomachs.

Salad greens are a sad wrong legacy of the vegetarian and vegan nightmare popularized by recent decades.  Leaves flavored by dressings to make them palatable, profitable salad bars, vegan delusions, resulting in a wrong turn for dieting and making people distrustful of diets.

Chewing on salad greens all day will NOT cure your cancer.  If you want more nutrition from salad greens, juicing them may make it more useful as herbs… but not as staple FOOD!

We are humans, our primary food are: animal foods / meats and fruit.  Fruits have seeds in them.  So even if they aren’t sweet, they are fruits… not vegetables. And don’t you forget it.