Here is an immensely awesome idea for those seeking their own diabetes cure: Keep Blood Sugar Levels Normal Long Enough for your Pancreas to Heal. This was embedded in a discussion in the raw paleo diet forum, where very experienced health afficionados who have cured themselves and cured others. This nugget of diabetes cure comes from “Dorothy.”

… I have experience helping other with diabetes. I learned because when my mother who had diabetes for close to 40 years needed to come live with me I told her that I would take total care of her as long as she was willing to eat what I give her and not complain – because I couldn’t take care of an obese, blind person with no legs – because that’s where things were heading. Within 3 months (and we did things slowly on purpose) she was no longer on meds and her blood sugars stayed stable from then on. The same strategy has worked for others on insulin too (learning what I did for Mom). You have type one which is more difficult – but not impossible. You must take into consideration not only the sugar aspects but the auto-immune aspects.

I’m going to say something that might be really unpopular but I’m going to say it anyway for your sake. A diabetic eating something that causes their blood sugars to stay maintained in the 500’s is not suffering from a detox – but was doing themself real harm and is dealing with the repercussions. That level of BS causes massive strain and it might take you a good long while to get over it. 500 is an outrageously high bs level. Remember how I told you that honey was the one thing that even quite a decade after solid blood sugars could make my mother’s blood sugars go through the roof and cause her real harm – more than processed sugar? She could eat all the fruit she wanted – but honey – very dangerous for her. Please, stop eating honey!!!

Detoxes are shorter lived and milder. The big problem that I have seen with people trying new diets over the 3 decades I’ve been into this stuff is that just about anything can be discounted as a “detox”. Don’t fall into that trap. A sniffly nose, some zits, smelly armpits or bad breath, a tiny bit more tired — for a couple of days — could be a detox — but months of deteriorating vitality when tackling such a disease as type 1 diabetes to be dismissed as a detox could be really dangerous. Take what is happening to you seriously!

Just because someone wrote a book doesn’t mean they have all the answers or that if your body reacts badly you should continue to believe them in spite of it. With all the conflicting gurus you have to follow what your body tells you is having a good effect or not – not the guru hundreds of miles away that has never met you. You have to follow your own body, your own knowing and your own intuition! You know that it wasn’t a detox.

The trick to healing diabetes is to keep your blood sugars stable long enough for your pancreas to get enough of a rest to heal. Whether it takes insulin, meds or diet – you MUST get your blood sugars back in line and keep them there long enough to let your entire body heal up from the honey and prolonged high sugars.

You do NOT have to eat fermented berries to heal yourself if they do not appeal to you. Actually, at this point, I wouldn’t take such chances if I were you. You need to get back to the basics.

What are the basics with diabetes? Stability of blood sugar levels! Do that, no matter what it takes. In terms of diet it for those I helped it took equal parts meat/protein, fat and vegetable matter – slow releasing sugar into the system with NO spikes. This will give you the carbohydrates to keep your brain functioning without putting extra stress on your system to convert the protein or fats, the fat to give long stabilization of the blood sugars and the proteins to rebuild yourself and also helps to maintain blood sugars. If you do this raw – you will take more stress off your pancreas and liver still. No fruit. No honey. Too sweet — Too much sugar! Period. Once you heal you might be able to incorporate non-sweet fruit again – but remember – you are type 1. Getting your blood sugars stable is step one. Healing your immune system is step two. You can’t heal until your blood sugars are stable.

If I were in your shoes I would not eat honey or fruit. I would eat equal parts meat/organs and fat and vegetables and I would not juice because the sugars go in too fast that way. If I felt worse from anything – I would change it… including what I am telling you here! If eating a third part of say fat doesn’t make you feel good – change it. Trust yourself.

When healing diabetes you should feel better and better and better over time. Never worse. Don’t believe the detox excuses – it’s just way too dangerous for you. You can’t take such chances when you have such a dangerous disease. If your blood sugars went a little bit higher you could have ended up in a coma.

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