Multiple sclerosis patients are waking up to the raw paleo diet. I’ve noticed a trickle into our raw paleo diet forum. Raw paleo diet is just that most powerful, most nutritious version of The Paleo Diet as described by Dr. Loren Cordain. The raw paleo diet guys and gals just do it better.

Check out a newbie posting in our forum:

Hello guys,

My friend recommended since in my dances around the diet I came to the one followed by Dr. Terry Wahls which seems to be closest to Paleo.

I didn’t see the light at the end of any dietary tunnel. Stupid or smart, I’m still crawling (guess I do want to live).

And an encouraging response from a lady who has just started a raw paleo diet and has been on it for just 1.5 months but with very encouraging results… yes, that fast!

(My) Symptoms are:
~weird neurological things, like numbness and tingling
~brain fog

So far, the constipation is pretty much gone, fatigue and brain fog are gone, and I only occasionally have been getting a weird tingling sensation in my feet when I bend my head forward, and then only when I’m tired.

Other than eating a raw paleo diet, I’ve been taking low-dose naltrexone for a few years, which also seems to help, but I’ve recently decreased my dose and hope to go off of it eventually.
I’m going to be doing a phone consult with Dr. Ron Schmid soon; after reading some articles by him he seems to be very knowledgeable on healing from diseases with a raw paleo type diet. I hope it goes well!!

Below is the video that inspires multiple sclerosis sufferers. Dr. Terry Wahls telling her own cure experience and her theories and spear heading studies.

The thing is, if you have multiple sclerosis, why wait for studies? Surely the original human diet, a raw paleo diet, does not require any “study” before you decide to try it yourself!

I’ll give you a clue how easy a beginner raw paleo diet is:

– Get top quality raw wild salmon
– Get top quality raw wild tuna
– Get top quality raw wild blue marlin
– Get top quality raw grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, plus their organs

Do what it takes to get your digestive system in order and then slowly increase the amount of raw / seared healthy HIGH RAW FAT meats above. No need to condiment. Or make it minimal. Delicious, nutritious, live like a king, eat like a king.

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