I had nothing to do with this.  These are my children, 10, 8 and 7 years old.  They saw a big tumor on a shoulder.  Common sense, they just did what first came to their mind.  Suspect the food.  Get rid of all the processed food.  Eat only natural raw foods.  In some 4 weeks, the tumor was all gone. 

Was this magic?  Was this merely coincidence? Are you going to wait for billion dollar double blind studies to tell you just how easy it is to cure tumors? Are you going to continue processing and cooking all your food?  Let the tumors persist and grow?  Worst of all, are you some kind of nut to spend on chemotherapy and surgery for a…


Yup, my kids bought 2 young rabbits, a white one and a brown one.  The brown rabbit had a big tumor on his left shoulder.  Instinctively, my children knew and suspected… the pellet feeds.  Sure, the pet store owner told us to feed the rabbits with the pellets… why? So they can get sick and we’d buy new rabbits? Well, selling cancer causing pellets is good for business.

How about you, human?  What “pellets” are you eating? Fast food? Chips in nice colorful packages? Cooking all your foods? Hot dogs? Chicken nuggets? Soft drinks?  How much torture can your body take?  When will the word “natural” sink in and you take action,  to live and eat naturally every single day of your life?

Children and their rabbits striking a pose

Children and their rabbits striking a pose

Children 10, 8 and 7 cured a tumor on their rabbit by merely getting rid of rabbit pellet feeds and feeding the rabbits our fruit peelings and grass and other vegetables in our garden and… ta dahhh… tumor cured.  Rabbit cured.  Tumor cure made easy.  I hope you learned something from these kids.

Tumor Cured on Brown Rabbit