Love to share with you the cure testimony of DaBoss88 of mental Illness, schizophrenia, general weakness via switching to the original human diet specified by nature… a raw paleolithic diet. This was posted today in and I thought good news like these need to spread.


Hey everyone. I’ve learned raw paleo is some strong stuff.

I’ve seen it completely heal me from the inside out.

I’m doing so well, I can hardly believe it myself.

My health has improved so rapidly it’s incredible.

I think it’s the combination of everything raw + right diet habits.

I combine some cool stuff. I constantly relax. Eat fish (after being frozen for 14 days), SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) carbs, all the seeds in those carbs, lots of water, some grass fed meats, some grass fed eggs. A lot of regular eggs and beef too. I just eat a lot.

I drink and smoke a little on occaision. It’s not an all the time thing for me.

My slight mental illness has really been fixed well, it’s clearing up quickly. Almost as if I never even had schizophrenia.

My mild hand problems have cleared up well.

I feel my strength rapidly getting stronger.

All I can’t do right now is complain about where I am, right now.

I’m at the best place in the world, and have literally nothing to do except relax.

No one’s going to come kill me, go try and kill people, or do anything wrong to anyone.

This diet is the thing for the world in my oppinion. It’s really great. I wish the world could see all the things eating like this can do.

I’d actually like to make a journal/blog on my day to day activities, my thought process from moment to moment. How I feel all the time, what I’m doing to feel my best. If anyone can share with me if I can do that please do.

Anyone you’ve ALL been a huge inspiration to me. I’m doing so well, all I can do is thank all of you.



And you are very much welcome. It seems all the hard work and charity I give towards hosting and administering that forum is worth it.