I just released a blog post of the real dangers of tubal sterilization in myhealthblog.org.  Just last night I talked with a lady who had a myriad of symptoms.  And she could trace by coincidence her health problems began when she got a tubal sterilization ligation after her 2nd child.  She’s a candidate for tubal reversal… yes, the damage can be reversed… this surgical reversal method is available today!  Sterilized women, regain your health, serve your children far longer, stronger and healthier.

Tubal Ligation or Tubal Sterilization has reached epidemic mass marketing promotions in our country. What woman hasn’t been saturated with the mass marketing lie of this vastly injurious procedure? Oh it is injurious alright, how do you explain being disabled of the ability to reproduce? That by definition is injury. Plus the various VERY REAL side effects encapsulated in what is known as POST TUBAL LIGATION SYNDROME? Bet the pro-tubal ligation marketers didn’t tell you that… falsely marketing tubal sterilization as “SAFE”… big lie!

Loss of sex drive from the point of view of the husband. My driver. His wife had a tubal sterilization after the birth of their 4th child. Husband was not there, he was at work somewhere else. Wife agreed to sterilization without asking her husband’s advice or consent. Of course sterilization resulted in wife losing her sex drive and her lubrication. So my driver resorted to other women for sex. Does this example open your eyes? Disabling the ability to reproduce disables sex drive and basic sexual function. The promise of unlimited sex through sterilization being sold to greedy ignorant men and women was a lie!

Testimony of post tubal ligation syndrome

Testimony of post tubal ligation syndrome

Post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS) is a term used to describe a variety of post tubal ligation side effects or symptoms as reported from various sources such as forum and first hand to me from lady friends:

– Increased menstrual bleeding
– lengthy periods
– bad mood swings
– worse menstrual cramps
– loss of sex drive (and unlimited sex was the promise…)
– loss of vaginal lubrication
– lengthy PMS
– headaches
– sleeping problems
– painful ovulation
– depression
– shocking pains in ovary
– fatigue
– weight gain
– growth of facial hair
– hemorrhaging requiring emergency hysterectomy (or she dies)
– bed ridden, vegetable collapse (worse than death?)

And where is “death” here? Dead women tell no tales.

How about those women whose families and marriages were wrecked because these women are no longer in their sane happy state of mind because of post tubal ligation syndrome? I know of a woman who had tubal ligation… she expected the “blessing” of unlimited sex afterwards, right? How come she got separated with her husband and her family torn apart? Cliche. The promise of unlimited sex after tubal ligation does not seem to bring in the promise of family happiness.

The tubal sterilization epidemic as reported over the years.

In my mom’s time, the norm was offer tubal sterilization at 4 children.

In my wife’s time, the norm was offer tubal sterilization at 3 children.

In my younger friends’ time, the norm was offer tubal sterilization at 2 children.

In my employees’ time, the norm is offer sterilization at 1 child.

And as reported on national television, there is a hospital in Metro Manila that offers free medically assisted births but in exchange a woman can’t be discharged unless she agrees to tubal sterilization.

What’s worse is we have friends who had been “offered” tubal sterilization while under anesthesia and while their stomachs were still opened wide after a c-section delivery.

Protect yourselves! My sister in law is planning home birthing in her province. My wife and I protected her by printing a birth plan and having her OB Gyn sign that under no circumstances must me and my wife be offered tubal sterilization as these are our wishes while not under stress.

My experience was when my wife gave birth to our 3rd child by c-section is that yes, her OB Gyn did comply with the birth plan of not offering any tubal sterilization… but every tom, dick, harry, and nancy nurse, doctor, student rounds, resident doctor rounds that came into our room every few hours offered tubal sterilization like a box of chocolates! Oh yeah, I wrote a nasty letter after discharge to the hospital management. Doubt it would change anything though.

So for my friends and family giving birth in the near future, not only must you have your OB Gyn sign a birth plan that includes NOT offering any tubal ligation, you must take even more drastic means. Such as:

– You, your wife, and support family and maid wear a t-shirt all the time in the hospital that says: “NO to Tubal Ligation.”

– Post a sign on your hospital door: “NO to Tubal Ligation”

– Post a standing banner beside your hospital bed: “NO to Tubal Ligation”

I may seem to be an alarmist, but the hospital culture in our big city has become EXTREME!!! The entire culture is engulfed in a CULT of EXTREMISM promoting tubal ligation REPEATEDLY to every woman who gives birth.

Be aware that TUBAL REVERSAL is in high demand these days! The fraud of tubal sterilization SAFETY has been EXPOSED! Tubal sterilization is NOT SAFE. Many women are SUFFERING. They aren’t just requesting tubal sterilizations because they changed their minds about having more children, but they desperately REQUIRE a tubal ligation reversal because their ligated ligation side effects is like HELL ON EARTH.

I leave you with this quote:

“I’m speechless! this is soo true! If i could warn every mother who is looking for some form of birth control, if they know they don’t want any more children or think they don’t . I want to scream at them do not do a TL (Tubal Ligation)!!” From http://www.tubal-reversal.net/post_tubal_ligation_syndrome.htm


There are many tubal reversal centers now out there capable of making successful tubal reversals so tubal ligation victims can have their happy healthy lives back! Just Google for “tubal reversal” or “tubal reversal + your state” or “tubal reversal + your city”.

And do not victimize your husbands instead asking for a vasectomy, I will be posting an expose on that too.

Tubal reversal success testimony: