This is a must watch movie. You can watch online for free or download via torrent also for free. Here is why:

All the components of this movie I had uncovered for myself for the past 10 years. This movie offers viewers a shortcut to be presented in 1:45 and make you think and be mentally FREE in the few days you think about it.

It is inspiring that they made this movie. Hopefully we can see this kind of progress in our lifetime.

The internet and cell phone communications are an amazing infrastructure that seems to start things off, from this freedom of global communications I had unearthed, and understood the various mysteries of the world around me. All my questions answered in 10 years. The world’s power infrastructure no longer mysterious. The very simple and basic human right to health and treatment denied to us by a false medical industry.

Yes cancer, psoriasis, diabetes and more is entirely curable now. Cheaply, without surgery, without drugs. I teach it in this very website. My personal contribution is my creation of the website and the administration of where you are given the knowledge and control and social support to cure allegedly medically incurable diseases. Yet you would think that I and this website by now would be the toast of the world by now? No, why not? Because the medical industry and the zombies living in their paradigm will flatly refuse, deny in their zombie brains that the methods I teach here are as real as night and day… that people are cured methodically, easily, all by themselves because we have the power of TRUTH!

In my engineering and astronomy hobbies I always yearned for a better way, an unlimited way of transmitting and generating energy. I discovered the various inventions and met inventors, saw great new devices and technologies that used up very small amounts of energy compared to current conventional ones… notice the shift from incandescent bulbs to flourescent to CFL to the new LEDs. Notice the Keppe Motor and the like. And then there was the electric universe spearheaded by , the universe’s most powerful force is electricity, we only have to tap into that and have unlimited energy.

In my pre-teens I had always wondered where money comes from, the mechanics of world money, I found out many years ago, in this film, it spoon feeds you the details. How does the empire work today?

How come everything BAD for you, bad for your kids, bad for the family, bad for human health is promoted today while everything good is shunned? Why we have to protect our children from TV and advertising, from medical doctors and schools promoting vaccination and false sex education, why we have to protect our families from going to hospitals and being mis-educated, maltreated and killed by doctors. Why health education in your country and the world is completely false. Why mass media can never be trusted to tell the truth?

I don’t have to keep on blabbering… just watch this film and ask questions later.

The good thing is after uncovering the truth about the real Matrix that has consumed this planet, this movie offers solutions for a better world, and hopefully within our lifetime.

Watch the movie online for free

Or you may download via torrent