Some months ago I made a mercy mission trip flying in to my uncle to teach him my brain cancer cure protocol with raw paleo diet nutrition and other means.  He flat out rejected the eating of raw meat and raw liver and raw fat and instead chose radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Obviously just as expected, his health shrank from a macho man to that of a zombie skeleton.  As usual western medicine made a killing via profitable chemotherapy and radiation and killed my uncle.  I kept a picture of him, 61 years old, gaunt, in a wheel chair, zombie scary look… while standing beside him was his 92 year old mother, my still healthy grand mother.  I wish I knew now what I didn’t know then, we may have progressed much better and my uncle may still be alive and healthy today.

Yesterday I had a very short chat with Mr. Vander Gaditano.  He was on the way to Boracay for a lecture with Pastors to teach them health and healing techniques.  It was very nice to see him again, it’s just that he lives very far away from me.  This short talk was impressive and important for Vander lately only in 2012 has had very good success with treating brain tumors with a very simple and reliable zapper.  And he does this as his very first option due to extremely poor people not having any means to even do juicing or eat organic livers, or do coffee enemas.

Vander Gaditano the Live In Healer

Vander Gaditano the Live In Healer

Only in this 2012 was Vander able to significantly heal / shrink brain tumors in only 2 to 3 hours! This brain tumor shrinking success happened with 4 individual sick people.  You heard that right.  Cases he got with brain tumors were people who were poor, were paralyzed, gone deaf, gone blind.  But after only 2 to 3 hours of treatment, they walked independently, was able to see, could now hear.  Amazing, incredible, and very much real.  We need more of this news, documentation and technology.

How were these 4 brain tumors treated? Vander worked on the theory of zappers using DC voltage and square waves.  He had his brother build a custom made zapper for him.  And he specified his specifications.  What I did notice and asked was, where do you connect the terminals?  Ah ha, the secret was hooking them up to the patients’ ears! A metal hook shaped to hook on to one ear or both ears or one ear and to one knee.  I also noticed tha Vander uses 12 volts in his zapper. And that he operated the zapper continuously, without pause for 2 to 3 hours. And this zapper costs only around P 16,000 to P 32,000 depending on the model.

But honestly, I would rather get the full treatment, the total cure.  If I knew a loved one with a brain tumor, I would rather have them live with Vander, have him treated with the zapper for the brain tumor, and be given the cleansing, and nutrition he needs.  Live with Vander for a few days so his treatment is customized exactly to his needs.  Live in healing is absolutely superior to any other healing modality because the healer focuses on the patient alone and sees him breathing, eating, sleeping walking and reacting to treatment as the hours and days go by.  This is why I can heal my own family members and this is why Vander has so much success in his art.

Mind you, this is a break through!  Old technology used in an ingenious manner.  Brain Tumor Treatment Option number 1 should be with a known effective DC zapper.  Then how and where to connect the zapper terminals.  Ingenious, by the ears!  The ears seem to be able to conduct enough electricity to get in the brain!  Ha ha… and zappers are broad spectrum, so in this case zappers are superior to beam ray treatments.

If you have the money, please pay the man as fairly as you are willing to pay those failed western medical treatments.  It is all about results.  Pay based on results.

You can call Vander Gaditano for brain tumor treatments at +63-927-3553990.

Brain Tumor Zapper

Brain Tumor Zapper - Notice the hooks for the ears, notice the battery is 12 volts