A few months ago our household sufferd headlice problems a visiting nephew, 2 of my children and their auntie got infected. Back then we spiked shampoo with eucalyptus oil and used a showercap to hold it in place for 30 minutes. Then in the next days we used pyrethrin licealiz liquid pediculicide head lice treatment shampoo with conditioning formula. Then our maids who are used to getting rid of headlice for fun, did the manual job of cleaning up. The heavily infested nephew young lady eventually got a haircut from waste length hair to shoulder length hair.

This time this July 2012 I first heard that our first born had lots of head lice. So I suspected myself with all the scalp itch I had been getting the past days… I had our maid confirm I had head lice by checking my head and pulling out a live one… oohh gross. Then I heard my 2 other children were also infested. That’s it. Time for a tour de force battle against these nasty head lice round 2… but with me involved.

First, I went to the drug store to buy:

– Pyrethrin Licealiz 20mg / 10ml liquid pediculicide head lice treatment shampoo with conditioning formula… I bought a box full 24 x 2 sachets for the entire household.
– Quassinoids Oilganics All Natural headlice treatment shampoo. The Quassinoids is complex extracts from apple, apricot and peach plus mediterranean vinegar and AHA.
– Quassinoids Oilganics headlice treatment leave-on conditioner

I still had

– Eucalyptus essential oil… so no need to buy.

The treatment holistic headlice treatment I did for myself plus 3 children was:

1. We all went to the barber shop and had a haircut. I and my 1st born boy had really short hair cuts. My 2nd boy preferred a little longer hair. My girl from waste long hair to shoulder length hair.

2. In the barber shop we did the shampoo treatments. First with the pyrethrin licealiz for 10 minutes. Then with the Quassinoids Olganics for 10 minutes. Next after towel drying, the quassinoids oilganics leave on hair conditioner.

3. Back at home I had a shower and in my shower I shampooed my hair with our organic shampoo spiked with eucalyptus essential oil. After towel drying I added the quassinoids oilganics leave on conditioner.

I must add that I have hairy legs so in today’s shower I will be shampooing my legs as well with all of the above stuff and using the leave on hair conditioner there too.

I also bought a “suyod” a fine toothed comb to get the headlice and its eggs.

I had our maid check my hair this morning and aside from getting some 2 eggs, there were no more headlice.