I gave some support to someone having problems incorporating raw meat in his diet. His handle was Polyvore and he wrote:

Exactly the topic subject! The more beef I am eating the worse it is getting.

I basically hate the taste of raw beef now. The raw liver is fairly tasteless, but I am tending to make myself raw liver curry and that’s pretty nice. The kangaroo is better tasting than the beef but is still getting pretty sickly, and lamb no better. I couldn’t afford to have salmon or fish every night, and I can’t live off organs because I would probably OD on something like Vit A, plus they are ‘oversatisfying’ by which I mean I eat a little then I am ‘satisfied’ even though I am still quite hungry.

What do I do?!

I first responded with:

If your instincts tell you to eat something else, do not force yourself on raw beef or lamb.

Instincto thing kicks us back to reality.

There is a time for everything.

I myself had a fling with: oysters everyday, tuna everyday, blue marlin everyday, beef everyday, horse everyday… durian everyday… it’s a cycle that of course we all must realize.

Of course many other people responded to help. Much later on Polyvore said:

Bleargh, I just threw up my breakfast… I got the eggs down fine (they were cage eggs and didn’t taste that nice, but were ok), and then tried to get down some grass fed cow heart and puked… I am not getting the hang of this raw meat thing 🙁 I am surprised you havent had more people like me?

And I replied with:

This breakfast, I had a slice of organic dragon fruit, then a slice of wild avocado. Then I felt like eating a raw organic salad for a change and this salad had different leaves, carrots, and zucchini. At the end of it I had tea from malunggay / moringa as my supplement.

I did not eat animal food this breakfast. Why? Because I did not feel like it.

If I didn’t feel like eating animal meat and I ate animal meat, then I would have thrown up myself. I ate bad chicken liver one time and I threw up. I ate bad oysters one time and I threw up and had diarrhea at the same time. Throwing up is the body’s self defence against bad food.

The technique to raw animal food is to eat it only when truly hungry for it. Eat organic and wild… and choose healthy meat. My own kid at 9 years old knew that when ravenously hungry, raw meat tastes good! There are days I don’t feel like eating raw animal meat and that is absolutely fine. There are days I do not like eating anything period… and that is fine… some people here do intermittent fasting.

And if your animal food sucks, or when your veggies or your fruits suck, you have to find better sources. I am sure you don’t just pick ANY fruit… you just don’t go and eat ANY vegetable… you CHOOSE the better ones.

These days I’ve come to appreciate the “father” of organic farming in the Philippines because he grows the best tasting veggies and fruits… better tasting than the other organic growers.

I’ve also come to appreciate beef from a specific wet market. Lamb from new zealand in a membership shopping place. I’ve come to appreciate beef bone marrow from a specific wet market.

I’ve also come to appreciate fresh raw sea food from various wet markets and various sellers.

You have to broaden your choices… taste and taste and taste. If I had gotten stuck with factory caged eggs and factory beef… I’d have been miserable.

(last night I had 2 raw squids and some raw tuna sashimi)

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