*** Warning and Disclaimer *** What I have to say here in this post has everything to do with my family only.  At the time of this writing, August 2012, HIV / AIDS madness has gripped the entire world in so much FEAR people have stopped thinking and are thus consumed in such religious AIDS fervour and zealotry, it is just a spectacle to observe.  Entire laws and policy making based on such AIDS doctrine, dogma and fear is an amazing testament that most humans are insanely superstitious. So my warning is, if you are not what I consider FAMILY, or close friends, you are warned NOT TO READ what I have to say about how to Prevent HIV / AIDS.

My research, listening to many camps, including my own experience as a hands on healer of various allegedly incurable diseases hospitals and doctors give up on including that still most feared cancer, I have concluded that:

#1 – The HIV / AIDS scare is a global PR HOAX, a big fat lie. Whether the virus has not been isolated. Or whether the virus is actually harmless. Or whether the virus is just a part of our human chromosomes. Or something else. The science is in dispute. The existence of this HIV / AIDS is in dispute.

#2 – The HIV / AIDS scare is a global PR HOAX, a big fat lie. There are no standard global laboratory tests. There are no standard symptoms basis. None of the tests globally ever agree. Do not ever get tested for HIV / AIDS, even if it is free. The testing and it’s disputable results will just give you NO-CEBO worries that can kill you out of mental FEAR. NO FEAR. BANISH ALL FEAR. Do not ever get tested. Any testing will put your name in their database, databank and in countries a positive diagnosis means you lose your right to refuse their standard coarse of action (drugs and drugs)… and they may take away your kids and force them on drugs against your wishes.

#3 – The HIV / AIDS scare is a global PR HOAX, a big fat lie. With the premise that ONLY their ARV, Anti – Retro – Viral drugs are the answer and the standard care which should be taken for years or a lifetime. We have seen this same scam used with cancer and chemotherapy. Just say no to Pharmaceutical mental monopoly. We live in a free country where we have a right to refuse what the “lamestream” has to offer. You know I have no respect for maintenance drugs.

#4 – Do not believe a single word, not a single concept of this allegedly almost perfect depopulation disease called HIV / AIDS. There are many other AIDS rethinkers to listen to besides myself. Avoid all the AIDS drugs… these are the biggest contributors to making people sick.

#5 – Unlike me who has to write and tell you this. Your job as family is to blend in with the crowd and just go with the flow and be un-noticed knowing fully well to stay below the radar of rabid zealot HIV / AIDS killer zombies who are just itching to beat up any dissenting opinion makers. Yes you must LIE in order to survive the AIDS holocaust they plan to unleash in your country of residence.

#6 – Keep up your health. Keep up your fertility. Be wary of the depopulation hysteria gripping the world and our country with witch hunts. Practice the best raw paleo diet and lifestyle variant that is possible in your circumstance. If you must eat some cooked paleo diet, minimize. Avoid all drugs and chemicals in your diet, on your skin, as a smell, and avoid bad radiation. Good radiation is from the sun.

#7 – Be Happy! You have been well taught and briefed, not just with this short article, but with this website, and my personal teachings. Be happy as happiness keeps you healthy and fertile, and there is hope that we continue on making the next generations so that we may live forever through our descendants.

The details of my research to videos and links to websites are destined to be included in the next post.