With deep sadness and gratitude do I dedicate this blog post to our dearest and forever irreplaceable Sr Pilar Verzosa, RGS, Founder of Pro-Life Philippines Foundation. Sr Pilar had been a big influence in my adult maturity as knowing her, her teachings, her compassion and personal assistance is forever etched in my heart. Here is a glimpse of my story about how I met and interacted with Sr. Pilar.

My Background

I had always been non-religious. I was born this way and through no influence or interaction can crack my non-religious brain. But this did not mean I was anti-religious. In fact, my personal philosophy was that the purpose of life is to make more life… that life must go on… and life does go on through our children… through our descendants… that the only way for you to be truly dead is for your own specific family tree branch to die out.

For my nationalistic outlook I was raised and educated in the University of the Philippines from kinder to college and even took some 2 years of masters. Being non-religious I never succumbed to imperialist superstition such as their financial imperialism, their trade imperialism, their western medical imperialism and their printing of money through thin air for themselves to purchase our real assets imperialism. I was so nationalistic I named my own company Filipino Web.

Combining my non-religious nationalism and inherently pro-life pro-family philosophy I had made a promise to myself to be activated in the service of my country when the imperialists threaten our 2 most cherished values that made our country a uniquely family oriented happy nation: that abortion remain illegal, that easy divorce remain illegal. I would be self activated and seek to help in this nationalistic cause.

My activation into the pro-life, pro-family movement came in 2003 when I received a text message saying there was a bill in congress which sought legalization of abortion et al. Then I learned there were other bills seeking easy divorce… that vile communist lifestyle. I personally visited congress. I asked the staff if there were such bills and if I could get a photocopy of them. (the internet was not so prevalent then). I did get my copies and I asked the congressional staff who were at the front lines fighting against these anti-Filipino bills… and they all pointed to Pro-Life Philippines.

I visited the Pro-life Philippines website circa 2003 and found it to be severely lacking. So I called them and visited them to volunteer my time, my effort, the skills of my website development company and my writing fervor to Pro-life Philippines. This was the first time I met Sr. Pilar Verzosa. She was a strong stern and at the same time loving woman and had to discern why a non-religious man was offering to volunteer his services to the Pro-life cause. Was I some kind of mole sent by the anti-religious culture of death? Sister Pilar had her ways and saw through my genuine life purpose and welcomed my help in the Pro-life website. So from 2004 to 2010 saw my work, my authorship of the Pro-life Philippines website and forum. See an archive copy of the contraception page I authored in the archives: http://web.archive.org/web/20081228064702/http://www1.prolife.org.ph/page/contraception/ See the population control page I authored in the archives: http://web.archive.org/web/20081229140713/http://www1.prolife.org.ph/page/population_control

Sister Pilar Helped my Company on its feet and through my illness

In 2005 when my parents’ businesses all came crashing down, I was left with my little hobby web development company confused and unprepared, Sister Pilar gave me assistance in the form of a corner in the Prolife Philippines office for 1 year. It was a charity I could never forget and will forever be grateful for. Because of this charity I was able to get back on my feet and my company earn a decent enough living to feed and educate my own family.

In the same year latter half of 2005 I began to have failing health as my eczema on my right leg raged on and spread to my face and ears. Through the self admitted incapability of all 5 western medical doctors who saw me, I searched for cure principles beyond western medicine which eventually led me to being a self educated / multi educated healer on my own. A new stage in my Pro-life advocacy had begun. That of being a true healer, higher than western medicine. I can now cure the incurables such as cancer, psoriasis, diabetes and more and I teach this for free at https://www.curemanual.com Of course true healers like me are Pro-Life, expect nothing less. I learned this from one of my teachers, Barefoot Herbalist MH.

By 2010 new internal authors in the Pro-life office took over the website and in 2012 CBCP volunteers took over the website duties. I am still the guardian for the emails and the domain of Pro-life Philippines and will be here to assist them with the internet technologies they need.

It was fortunate that Sr Pilar passed on the baton of leadership of coordinator of Pro-life Philippines so that the movement does not end with her end.

Why unmasking Contraceptive Mentality is key

A Contraceptive mindset is a culture of FEAR. People, especially young people become so very afraid of their innate power to create life, create their own children, this mis-educated, purposely instilled FEAR herds them into making self destructive choices such as poisoning themselves (with birth control pills, patches, injections, rod inserts, abortion pills, abortion herbs), self destructive choices such as maiming / injuring themselves with (IUDs, tubal ligations and vasectomies)… even with non poisonous barrier methods such as condoms and cervical caps with totally unsatisfying sex due to non skin to skin action and no fluid transmission, their bonds are weaker… all in the name of FEAR of creating their own children… as if their own babies were the most FEARED things on earth.

And when the contraceptive methods fail as a percentage of them ALWAYS DOES… for example according to the US FDA at http://www.fda.gov/downloads/ForConsumers/ByAudience/ForWomen/FreePublications/UCM282014.pdf the pregnancy rate of various birth control pills and patch users is a whopping 9% of users per year. Most contraceptive minded people mistakenly in their youthful lust believe that birth control pills and patches and other paraphernalia are infallible. (blind worship of drug companies) When these FEARFUL people get pregnant… they seek “backup contraception…” which always means ABORTION… killing their own children. Whether they can fool themselves that it is only blood or is still not a child is of course nothing but FEAR BASED lying to themselves and to others.

Now you know why contraceptive mentality leads to abortion mentality. It is primal indoctrinated FEAR of their own children, a total mis-education of the human youth. Witness the very short 10 minute film “Hard Truth:”

This is the abortion mentality experience of each and every country who embraced a government policy of contraceptive mentality. Our nation’s fate will be no different if and when contraceptive miseducation becomes government policy.

Why Natural Family Planning is recommended, NO FEAR, Pro Health, Pro Bonding

Natural family planning, we sometimes joke about as Catholic contraception, is actually no joke and is a very effective and integral function of keeping up with the philosophy of monogamy and family strengthening. In the observant wisdom of the intellectuals who crafted this method, this is the best way to keep marriages strong, and to keep parents healthy and makes a family live with NO FEAR.

“In a long-term context, the pill might not interfere with a woman’s preferences but rather with the ability of a woman to compete for, or to retain, her preferred mate resulting from a potentially decreased attractiveness, as compared to normally cycling women.”
Now we have a clue why a larger % of modern marriages wind up in divorce. The wife can’t keep up her attractiveness because she gets drugged for years!


No insemination, no bond. Scientists and observant people have noted that it is insemination that forms strong bonds between men and women. And spouses who continue to do so, even via NFP form superior bonds to non inseminating couples. This is very good for their children and family health. Mutual love and respect.

And allowing for real skin to skin sex and insemination will to some degree keep a man somewhat more loyal than husbands in sex less marriages where the wife chooses total abstinence.

Days of abstention actually enhance to keep the flame between couples alive and seem new. With couples who have free contraceptive sex any time, the sex gets old and becomes pointless. Many people at this contraceptive sex is pointless stage move on to find more exciting ways of sexual stimulation in group sex or extra marital sex.

Many women who poison themselves or maim their own sexual apparatus become sexually disabled and stop having sex altogether… which defeats the entire purpose of the promise of contraceptives of “unlimited sexual pleasure”.

In the scientific biological, health honest true healer world, we know that sex is secondary a bonding mechanism but primarily a reproductive mechanism. The entire animal kingdom classification is a sexual kingdom. Any animal afraid of their own natural sexuality is doomed.

Witness the true story of Celia where an intelligent woman is fooled into searching for happiness in pills, iud and tubal ligation: http://www.myhealthblog.org/2012/09/03/celias-search-for-those-safe-contraceptives-pills-iud-or-tubal-ligation/

Enter the Malthusian, Population Control Extremists

They will purposely destroy and deceive people against their natural, reproductive human biological traits. If it results in true optimal health, which leads to reproductivity, results in bonding, results in family formation… they do not want it and will twist all manner of justifications to deceive you. It is their nature to spread institutionalized LIIIIEEEEESSSS!!! They will ignore and deny statistical trends of already declining fertility rates for 50 years and will lobby for even more drastic and speedy fertility declines to achieve their thirst for depopulation which they see as “good.” And with their blind anger at any population growth and disregard for existing population pyramids, they seek depopulation now which statistically is impossible where the only possibility of them achieving such is widespread death and destruction in nuclear bombardment proportions.

National statistics reality check http://www.nscb.gov.ph/secstat/d_popnProj.asp

Fifty years of fertility rate decline they will deny to death as they push their depopulation extremist agenda: http://www.myhealthblog.org/2012/07/26/rh-bill-revealing-stastics-and-cold-hard-cash/

And these same Malthusian extremists foist the Fake AIDS Myth in the name of population control. https://www.curemanual.com/2012/08/evidence-that-convinced-me-that-hiv-aids-is-a-profitable-depopulation-hoax/ This AIDS is a myth issue I have been trying to open the eyes of Pro-Lifers, but they do not seem to be ready for this expose yet.

In 2012, the entire world is already experiencing this demographic winter. Malthus was wrong. Other nations have woken up to these statistical TRUTHS! Yet depopulationists in the Philippines deny and spread LIIIEEESSSS about this global and national reality and push for more depopulation in our country.

Synopsis of Demographic Winter: Decline of the Human Family, reveals in chilling soberness how societies with diminished family influence are now grimly seen as being in social and economic jeopardy.

What we have accomplished so far

In my view, in my 8 years of helping Pro-life I have seen how we had helped educate bishops, priests, politicians and the public on the issues that sorely need backers of truth and not to be bent by foreign lobbying at all costs. What needs educating is the co-opted by the imperialists media with their global media briefing kits.

Sister Pilar’s Legacy

In my view, Sister Pilar will always be the tireless heroin, founder and guiding light of the Pro-life movement in the Philippines and all other allied groups she has touched and inspired. I am but one volunteer among many. I am sure others will offer different eulogies and different experiences with her. Pregnant? Need Help? To many women, she answered their phone calls personally and educated them removing their FEAR of their own unborn children.  The entire nation owes her its many thanks for touching their lives whether they are aware of it or not.

The current Pro-Life Philippines website is at http://www.prolife.org.ph