My 8 year old girl a few days ago had a classic case of colds, cough, soar throat.  Her diet is supposed to be a mostly cooked paleo diet (raw fruits and raw sashimi too) and organic rice.  But the world is not perfect when there are other adults besides parents in the compound.  Seems when there is junk food brought in by other adults, an 8 year old girl will find that junk food more enticing than her “usual” expensive paleo diet food.

So I’ve traced the problem to first of all… constipation.  2 days of no poop.  Her mom gave her virgin coconut oil and chia seeds to encourage her to poop, but it only resulted in mediocre small finger like poop for the next 2 days. Bad bad bad kind of constipation.  I already told her, wheat was not good for her, some people may be able to process that, but to my girl, it just made her poop into glue.

We traced her problem to the week prior gorging on something called “bibingka” which is not of the traditional kind with galapong rice, this concoction is mostly wheat.  And she kept raiding the refrigerator from 4 to 5pm of that WHEAT monstrosity.

So when the VCO first aid failed, we had to bring in the big gun… colon cleanse via Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea.  My wife bought a bottle.  Our girl took 1/4 cup of it in the evening.  By morning she had dumped a lot of colon content.  Large quantities of stinky poo.  And she needs to learn from this lesson.  That wheat is not for her.  Was the wheat gorging worth it?  Worth this suffering?  Absolutely not!

Next thing my wife gave our daughter is mercurius vivus – to stimulate her immune system to clear infections. Today I will make sure she gets to nap in the afternoon.  Tsk tsk.  All this could have been avoided if she just did not eat wheat.

The wheat today is a genetic monstrosity that is not the same as the wheat in the days of the egyptians or the bible.  The wheat today is an industrial product that is not fit for human consumption… not fit for my children’s consumption.  The classic root cause of this problem was WHEAT… wheat causing constipation in my child’s colon… her elimination being compromised, her blood becomes dirty, her lungs spring into action as an alternative detox to clean her blood… she produces mucus which you recognize as a cold, which irritates her throat.