My personal investigations have concluded that childhood vaccinations are more harmful than the mythical benefit they are supposed to have. My first born was fully vaccinated for 2 years. My 2nd born up to 6 months only because I then concluded my investigations that one by one, all the vaccines scheduled for my child were harmful. My 3rd child is fully un-vaccinated.

My first born is the most sickly. He was diagnosed with primary complex at 8 years old… where supposedly he was fully vaccinated with the BCG. Turns out his primary complex was really malnutrition from injured intestines which cause mal-absorption of nutrients problems. Injured from the wrong food intake and injured from assuming that the SAD diet is the “normal” human diet.

As I learned about real healing, the true causes and cures of diseases, it became evident that the vaccination hypothesis with these vaccines providing immunity was mostly unsubstantiated myth. What was becoming more apparent was that these vaccines themselves were injurious. This recent video by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger explains with absolute clarity, in your face, why I do not vaccinate my children.

Other people are free to succumb to fear while being ill-informed. Once you are fully informed, it’s time to banish all fear and make the correct decisions.

Published on Nov 15, 2012 by TheHealthRanger

Do you really know what’s in vaccines? According to the CDC, all the following neurotoxic metals and chemicals are intentionally added to vaccines: Mercury, MSG (monosodium glutamate), Formaldehyde and Aluminum.

These toxic elements should never be INJECTED into any human being! Their toxicity explains the deadly side effects of vaccines, including:

* Comas
* Seizures
* High fevers
* Spontaneous abortions
* Death

So why doesn’t the vaccine industry make “clean” vaccines without these additives? The answer is because the whole point of vaccines is not to medically help people, but rather to intentionally POISON them.

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