I’ve been made aware about the value of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine the past 2 years. Looking back, my grandmother always saw an acupuncturist. It’s quite popular and easy to find in Manila with quite a good number of reportedly skilled practitioners. And lately, it’s not just confined to the Chinese in China Town, they are now available to us non-Chinese speakers. Seems TCM knowledge is being translated well to various languages with the age of information technology.

If you will look at my right column with the list of detox protocols / treatment protocols, acupuncture is now the very first step… if you get a very skilled acupuncturist, he or she is also a full fledged traditional Chinese medicine doctor / healer and can make initial holistic diagnosis… from the TCM point of view. When you go next to the chiropractors, that is another holistic point of view, a western holistic point of view. So it is all good.

Note that chiropractics and acupuncture may seem to have overlapping functions (especially with Sifu Jen Sam who also does bone setting) but they are not the same and doing them both will prove immensely beneficial. I know. When my son was in crisis last year 2011, I took him on a tour of my best healers. The first one, was the acupuncturist TCM healer Sifu Jen Sam. The second step was the chiropractor Dr. Walter John Brush. The 3rd step was the live in healer Vander Gaditano. The 4th step was the energy, beam ray healer Romy Macapagal. The 5th step was the Anthroposophic doctor Divina Hey-Gonzales. The 6th step, the paranormal healers. And the buck stopped with me, the final and deciding step where I did a plethora of even more coordinations where my son is now all well. Then to finish off, I asked for some herbal help again from the acupuncturist and TCM healer Sifu Jen Sam.

So all… all of them worked together to bring about healing for my boy. Acupuncture and TCM has its place in my Cure Manual. And it is at the very beginning. https://www.curemanual.com/detox-protocols-and-treatments/acupuncture-treatments-and-traditional-chinese-medicine/