This video is a classic example of what those foreign people with an alien culture want to teach our children. They teach the same garbage to their children… which totally trashes their family lives, sexual relationships and health. And they want Filipinos to be in the same rotten misery they are in. Watch the video from NHS choices and read my comments below:

Notice their single minded brainwashing children into SAFE SEX and PROTECTION. Their strategy is to mix both their disdain and FEAR of pregnancy and their fear of diseases (it used to be STDs, but now they are fixated on their bogeyman AIDS)… this is why at the start and at the end, they push for CONDOMS.

1. Condoms are pushed by these people as their #1 item as they want the introduction of sex for children to be of extremely low quality. Those with enough sexual experience know outright that sex with condoms is of the lowest quality and should NOT be called sex at all… my hand does a better job. There is no sensation with condoms, there is no feel, there is no skin to skin contact, there is no fluid transmission, no depositing of semen in the vagina.

NO INSEMINATION – NO BOND – Weak Relationships, More Broken Homes

It is the transmission of male fluids to the female body that creates that bond between males and females having sex. No internal ejaculation, no bond. Women fall in love with regular fluid transmission in them. Any honest scientist knows this. Human bonding includes exchanges of fluids, saliva, sweat, ejaculate material. This creates the strong bonds most of our grand parents had, most religious people have, and which most people in the natural health community continue to have.

POISONING OUR GIRLS… Future Mothers of our Grand Children… before any pregnancy. Poisoned wombs!

2. REAL GLOWING HEALTH comes with heightened fertility. Beautiful, sexy women are healthy women, they are FERTILE women. Fertile, healthy women MAKE IDEAL mothers! Sexy, Healthy Women (our daughters) deserve to be cherished, loved and supported… NOT POISONED with contraceptives! Where is the respect for our future mothers? What about the health of our future grand children?

Healthy, Sexy Women Need to be Cherished, not Poisoned by Contraceptives

Outright poisoning and injuring of women with the next various injurious contraceptive poisons being taught. At the onset, they are teaching girls to poison themselves. And how are these future women ever going to have healthy babies if they had poisoned themselves, their bodies, their wombs in the first place for years? Their future babies are immediately HANDICAPPED due to a hostile, poisoned, malnourished environment which is the mother.

There lies the complete SABOTAGE of the future Filipino Children. Poisoned by foreign manufactured iuds, pills, patches, injectables, rod implants, etc.

And you wonder why the fertility rates in Europe have plummeted to extremely low, below replacement levels. This massive indoctrination and poisoning of their own children’s health and sexuality has been going on for decades and they want our children to be poisoned just the same with the pushing of this RHBILL.

We as parents want the very best for our children. The best HEALTH and Fertility, easy pregnancies and healthy grand children, the most loving solid relationships… all this makes for high quality sexual satisfaction.

This is their rotten “Reproductive Health” sex mis-education they want all our children to receive and to indoctrinate all young people before they are given a marriage license.

Rise up parents. Learn how they want to indoctrinate your kids. Opt out if you must. It’s too late when you see your kids like in the video parroting the depopulation agenda of “safe sex” and “protection”. Do not be hoodwinked. When it is your children involved, only the truth will suffice.

Do not wait for your child to get injured or die and have to be involved in birth control lawsuits. The money you get for compensation will never be enough to replace your child.

LOBBY YOUR CONGRESSMAN TO VOTE “NO” to the 3rd reading of the RH Bill. Call them now!

Published on Aug 22, 2012 – Birth control drug manufacturers are now accepting responsibility and providing compensation to seriously injured patients resulting from Yaz, Yazmin, NuvaRing, Ocella, Beyaz, and other birth control drugs.

There are various birth control methods that have been used in the last ten years, and many of them have created devastating side effects for thousands of women. The birth control you used may now have active class action law suits which could entitle you to compensation if you have experienced serious side effects from your contraceptive.