Mr. Elino Cabiado was suffering from symptoms of GERD / Acid Reflux and overall feelings of malaise for a month. He tried antacids but they did nothing for his plight. He finally thought that he may as well try his boss’s advice in the website that he should do a full course of colon cleanses. 5 rounds.

Due to logistic realities, Elino wound up with his 1st colon cleanse round using castor oil, the next 3 rounds with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and the last round with castor oil again.

Elino’s GERD and other symptoms of malaise all disappeared. Whatever ailed Elino, it’s root cause was now gone. Therefore Elino was cured.

The root cause was stuck up waste material in his colon, clogged up plumbing. Castor oil and Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea were the physical tools he needed to clean him out.

It is suggested he stay away from all forms of wheat as it is wheat that allegedly turns to paste and clogs up the colon.

The video testimony is in Tagalog.

For a rough translation… Elino said that his first 3 colon cleanses smelled bad. He would usually poop after 8 hours of taking either the Miracle Tea or the castor oil. Plus castor oil tasted really bad. His 4th and 5th doses had no more bad smell. Elino started feeling better, he said “refreshed” after the 2nd colon cleanse dose.

None of the over the counter antacids he saw on television worked for Elino. But these colon cleanses did work. And at the end of 5 colon cleanses, Elino feels like a winner.

Colon cleanse is the first and most basic detox every person must do first and as maintenance if they ate rubbish that may clog their colon. We always have some Miracle Tea and castor oil in stock at home. I bring castor oil when I travel as it does not spoil. I have given Colon cleanses to people to cancel their appendix removal surgeries.