I will try to recount a whole bunch of things I’ve done and tried the past year I have not blogged. Been so busy with a big IT customer. So many discoveries with diets, herbs, nutritional deficiencies, gadgets, healing, pregnancy care and even birthing!

For diets, raw paleo diet is at the top best, but I experienced problems when it comes to survival food. Survival food in cans or cooked food I should be able to tolerate. Which if I ate a 100% raw paleo diet, I would get tummy aches when I ate cooked food or canned food. My wife would joke that I would be the first to die in a disaster because the emergency food would make me sick. She’s correct. So I have been training myself to be able to eat more cooked meat on a regular basis so I can tolerate emergency food.

A new hot item on the raw paleo diet forum is resistant starch. I’ve been experimenting with figs and sinkamas and yacon and pistacios. It’s a different kind of filling and it does seem to work to make me gain weight. A different kind of satiety. Only the sinkamas and yacon are raw and affordable though. The pistacios I was only able to experiment on 3 kilos because the store made a pricing mistake.

Experiments with dark chocolate, some with the soy lecithin does not feel so good. But the cocoa butter felt good. Why am I experimenting with chocolate? Well, that 112 year old guy said he thought chocolate was a super food he took. If a 112 year old guy, 2nd generation health buff at that thinks chocolate is cool, then it is worth experimenting on.

Experimented with raw cheese for Vitamin K2.  They do good for K2, keeps teeth shiny and plaque free.  But you get sick of raw cheese after some time.

I am now 140 plus pounds.  Getting a bit round.  Must do a new orange juice fast and lose this weight for detoxing old fats again.  I’m doing it Aajonus’ theory that gaining weight then losing weight is the way to go to pump out old pollutants in the body fats.

All my children are allergic to rice.  Must have been inherited from me.  Our first born stopped eating rice last year as it irritated his guts which manifested in eczema itches in his arms and legs.  Allergic even the best heirloom rice from the rice terraces of kalinga he was allergic to, even when made into arroz caldo. When we stopped all rice, our first born grew FAST and serious!  Just the boost he needed.  Our gauge is with his younger brother who was gaining on him almost the same height as he was was now left behind.  Encouraged with the success of our first born, this month April we have stopped giving rice to all 3 children.  The 2 younger ones are allergic to white rice.  They get blood splotches in the soles of their feet.  Intestinal stress.  Only the expensive kalinga heirloom rice works without giving them the blood splotches on their feet.  But what if we stopped all rice?  Maybe they will grow as fast as our first born?  Solve some annoyances like eczema in arms and legs on our 2nd boy and persistent gas on our girl.

For persistent gas on our girl she is on a 60 day Barefoot Herbalist MH LBB regimen which was a complete success with our first born.  And she has stopped eating rice for now.

GERD / Acid Reflux was cured on a pregnant girl with the use of eating lots of papayas with lots of pineapples for a week.  Cannot give colon cleansers to a pregnant lady, too risky for the baby.

Nutritional deficiencies, I have been experimenting and getting success with myself and others. Here is what I’ve found out are the common nutritional deficiencies for Filipinos:

  • Zinc – get from raw oysters best, raw beef far second.
  • Magnesium Oil – if you don’t live by the ocean, you need this. Worked wonders on our maid for sleep and entire well being. She gained weight, in good places too.
  • Iodine – Lugol’s Iodine is easy to come by.
  • Sulfur – Depleted in our soils because chemical fertilizers don’t have sulfur. Organic sulfur can be bought at oneradionetwork.com but it tastes bad. I’ve had better intake success with black Himalayan salt. Tastes like egg. We put it in all our cooking so all family members get sulfur.

New gadgets, we have are: Magnetic Pulser Bio Medici version (instant asthma relief) and Magnetic Pulser Sota version (clears blockages and stuck ups).

Resurrected gadget: Mayco Zapper, with handles, cured UTI on pregnant woman in 30 minutes.  Cured a 2 yr old girl with persistent coughs resistant to herbs.  Handled my skin irritations in arms and legs which seemed to be some kind of parasite mange.

New substance yet to experiment on: Turpentine with white sugar

New hands on knowledge on pregnancy care and water births… amazing ease, hands on, my first ever experience! Thanks to Sifu Jen Sam and Ate Evelyn midwife, I plan to take care of the pregnancies of my unborn grand children and their mothers and plan to be the hands on birthing assistant or mid wife in 10 years… build my own team.

The vein and tendon healer Beth Pantilone cared for my wife’s uterus, the water birth pregnant girl’s arms and legs, my 96 yr old grandmother who was bed ridden (now cured combined with Sifu Jen Sam), and my left shoulder.  Amazing talent. A keeper.

Detoxing… coffee enemas work for my wife’s scalp eczema.  I experimented with it myself.

Detoxing… castor oil is great.  Must be used as an alternative to Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea or in alternate days.  Cleans what the other cannot.  But not for those with gall bladder problems… castor oil is oil.

Cancer cure, I was party to a senior man’s cancer cure in his lungs and in his bones… Larry.  Once the family contacted me, I gave them a road map and a lecture on how to go about their cure.  Showed them to my healer friends and opened up a new world for them.  Two great healers handled him: Sifu Jen Sam and another alternative MD who did cesium chloride.  Our hero cancer cured celebrated his 70th birthday in great health and I was thanked by his daughter… which made it all worth it… and even better, he brought the two healers together so they now work together in the same clinic for synergistic healing of even more cancer patients.

Vacations… Sierra Madre mountains is near and cool and clean.  Many options to stay in.

Hopefully I will have more time to catalog detailed experiences and experiments in the future. I have one on the water birth and pregnancy care.