Gemma with the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser at left and the Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser at right

Gemma with the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser at left and the Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser at right

Some 2 days ago our laundry woman, Gemma, I heard was in extreme pain, her lower back and her legs so bad she could not walk by herself. Her husband, my driver, Oliver excused himself, borrowed my car to attend to Gemma who was taken to a hilot, then driven to a hospital they knew at Quirino Memorial Medical Center.

They took lab tests, diagnosed by the doctor there, and came home with a diagnosis of Chole Lithiosis / Common Bile Duct Stones? Or were they kidney stones? Gemma did not know, she said she was advised to get an x-ray or was it ultra sound? She does not know. But she did get a prescription for 3 drugs to mask her extreme pain:

Omeprazole, HNBB and Tramadol – drugs that stop spasms and mask / hide pain symptoms.

But husband and wife noticed that the effects wear off around 2pm every day.

So after 2 days, they finally came to me this morning for help.

I have some bit of analytical advantage because I know Gemma and her husband and I know their lifestyle and diet. Plus I know her 13 year old son had similar attacks like these in the past (usually fixed with latundan bananas) and Gemma revealed today that they had a first born child, a son who should be 21 today who had died with these same symptoms. Now she remembers… I had to tell her the connection.

I saw the blood tests, borderline low on sodium and borderline low on potassium. Remember the high potassium latundan bananas that usually cures her 13 yr old son? And for the low sodium… it is the height of Summer in Manila. She says she keeps drinking water… but what does she do for salt? I interviewed Gemma about this salt thing and as expected she would rather use Patis (low in sodium) and low quality non-fermented soy sauce, and some “magic poison food flavoring” chemical in her daily food.

My first volley of remedies in the morning was for her to put on some magnesium oil, and to eat some black salt and Hidden Springs mineral water, and relieve her lower back and leg pain with a combination of the Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser… to get her stuck up germs or blood flowing… and then follow up with a Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser for healing and pain relief on her lower back and behind her knees. Presto, in less than 1 hour she was pain free.

But we needed to wait until after 2 pm for all her drugs to wear off. By 4 pm Gemma started having pain again.

I arrived home around 5:30 pm and made a 2nd volley of treatments. For circulation I gave a teaspoon of our super duper hot cayenne tincture, the maid and her husband knew how hot that was, and Gemma experienced how hot indeed it was, but it works to get the blood circulating… and relieves pain that way.

I lectured Gemma that now that we have the blood circulating, we need nutrition, I gave her Himalayan pink salt and Himalayan black salt and instructed her to lick some salt before every drink. She needs it at this peak of summer, she’s running on empty. And I called her husband to buy latundan bananas for her potassium. I also gave her some freshly made ginger tea for circulation. And on her legs some ginger liniment for blood circulation.

I then treated Gemma again with the combination of the Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser and the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser and sure enough in less than 1 hour all her pain was gone again.

I had Gemma eat dinner at home to make sure she got good food in her belly and no poisons from her home. I taught her to do 4 teas everyday for the next 3 days. 2 cups cayenne teas and 2 cups ginger teas. And she needed to make food adjustments, use the salts I gave her in place of patis and toyo, and stop using the magic poison, and stop using margarine and stop using the sari sari store cooking oil.

I’ve asked her to come back tomorrow around 6:30am for a checkup with me and give her magnetic pulser treatments again. Gemma needs to be drug free so the body can repair itself with the nutrition being given and the blood circulation enhancing tools.

This is a developing story and will continue.