Mrs. Norma Damo testimony how she cured herself of years of suffering from arthritis / gout via using Quantumin Minerals Plus drops. Inverview done 2014-05-03


Her arthritis / gout symptoms began after menopause. Quantumin Mineral Plus drops were regularly applied to her painful areas and proceeded to dissolve the gout crystal deposits. In a month she had great results and was now cured.

Quantumin Minerals Plus is a great product innovated by Dr. Delia Patawaran

Quantumin Plus

Quantumin Plus

Norma says her arthritis / gout started at menopause around 55 and suffered pain and stiffness until almost 68 today. That is some 13 years of suffering. She is on a relatively good vegetarian diet courtesy of her sister’s influence, but she was just missing this one factor, the use of this invention, Quantumin Minerals Plus that directly dissolves the gout crystals locally wherever it is.

Norma says 1 week she noticed great improvements and in 1 month she says she was totally healed. She learned from the ladies in the store that they also put quantumin drops in their drinks for maintenance… added minerals.

I did not really do anything here, I just recommended a great product.

Quantumin is available in your herbal counters in malls.

I do not sell this product and I have no financial interests in this product.

This interview is in Tagalog.