Oliver Ignacio age 53, shares his experience being cured of all his illnesses when he worked for me as our company driver: Erectile Dysfunction Cure (4 years), High Blood Pressure, extreme back kidney pain, gout, UTI, Kidney Infection, Sinus about to explode. Testimony recorded 2014-05-08


Oliver did most of the www.curemanual.com outline under my personal tutelage, he was also helped by a herbalist from Ilocos a kind of kidney cleanse using corn hair and cogon roots. Oliver used quantumin minerals plus, did colon cleansing using Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and castor oil, kidney cleanses, liver flushes using eggs and also using olive oil, and ate raw beef for 2 months, learned coconut juice fasting, ate garlic, pineapples. Quantumin (on his forehead and inside his nostrils) and cayenne tincture (under his tongue) in combination cured his almost mind blowing sinus headaches that made his brain throb in excruciating pain.

He has at this interview date (2014-05-08) resigned as our company driver to help heal his mother in Ilocos province by applying the principles he has learned. As of this posting his 70 yr old mother is out of danger and has recovered due to his help with castor oil, apple juice, kidney cleansing, and egg yolk liver flushing. Healing should be no secret. Healing should be for everyone.

How bad were his problems? Very very bad. Debilitiating and possibly fatal. But now he is all well and he even made his mother well. Oliver is the husband of Gemma who also made her video testimonial here in this website.