Warning: If you cannot handle truthful, frank, tactless opinion, then do not read the rest of this blog post.

I was in a discussion in a paleo diet forum, Cavemanforum.com and a young lady of 22 was amusingly so sure of herself she posted a new thread with the subject matter: “..but I don’t want to have any more children!” She was asking this paleo diet community advice for the best form of birth control. First thing she said was she hated condoms. Who doesn’t? Condoms suck. This is what she said:

I have a daughter already and I’m done having children, I’m too young to get sterilized so that’s not an option.

I hate condoms, sorry not an option.

I had the IUD but had to get it removed because it started to really mess with my body and my periods– yuck!

So now I’m unprotected— eek. What does the paleo community do? I started a low dose birth control pill in order to keep the babies away.

Thanks for the help 🙂

In this post I will concentrate on the HEALTH aspect of what is the HEALTHIEST form of birth control / contraception… whatever causes LEAST damage to people’s health.

So I made my first reply:

Concept #1
You may be done with having children… but that does not mean your man is done having children.
(some wives have this unrealistic notion today, but many decades ago, loving wives encouraged their husbands to have more children with other women if they couldn’t deliver any more kids)

I’ll let you in on the real world in my big city in the Philippines for safer contraception:

1. You can do fertility awareness, some people here call it Catholic Contraception.

2. You can refuse sex with your man… Google for “sexless marriage”

Concept #2

1. Your man might ask for a divorce.

2. Your man might get a mistress (woman he has children with).

3. Your man may get a concubine / f*** buddy (woman he has sex with but not children… a contraceptive woman)

4. Your man goes to prostitutes. (selfish wives in my city like this option)

5. Your man gets an additional legal wife… It is very much legal and widely practiced in our Muslim community here.

6. Your man resorts to self pleasing or you give some oral alternative ( lame guys may accept this ).

7. You can con your man into getting himself snipped ( really selfish wives like this, and ignorant in health guys get this )

Personally as a health advocate, all the contraceptive crap is very harmful (tube tying, vasectomy, hormones, iud, all crap).



http://dontfixit.org/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-vasectomy_pain_syndrome

How do you think paleo people in paleo times did this?
Do you love your husband?
Do you like sex?
Or can you live without sex?
How old is your husband?
How old are you?
How many kids you got right now?

P.S. some people resort to homosexuality… it’s so sacred these days in the mainstream media. 😛

Telling you that this lady was probably from a western first world country where they have a very different culture. And obviously later on I had to make it clear to her that I am a Filipino born and raised and living in the Philippines so I myself come from a very different culture from hers. Though physical and biological truths remain the same.

The next reply was a middle aged man who said he had himself a vasectomy / fixed, that men should just “man up” was his chivalrous deed. Blech. Having yourself “fixed” for a girl truly is lame. Yes and I mean every word of that. Sabotaging one’s own health for “love” is dumb and at the height of ignorance… I will explain why below. I’m sorry you got victimized, but hopefully other people will be able to read this blog and be truly informed of BETTER choices.

So I replied with something most people are surprised to learn:

Vasectomy killed this guy. He manned up like a good soldier.


this guy died too


vasectomy kills too.

I also pointed out an amusing concept that makes paleo dieters smile and think:

It’s so “scary” to be sooo healthy on paleo diet.

With health comes maximum fertility, maximum beauty, maximum attractiveness, maximum sexuality?

And somehow, maximum fertility is not in step with 21st century anti-natal “norms”.

The young lady asker replied with more information:

Okay well we’re not going to be in a sexless marriage. We have great sex! And I love sex so no! My husband is also too young to get a vasectomy. We’re both 22/23. The doctor here won’t do it until we’re at least 27.

We only have one child.

We both don’t want any more children– I’m done, he’s done.

I’ve been doing my research when it comes to contraception and the paleo community seems to ban everything and offer no solutions.

How the heck am I supposed to avoid getting pregnant for 5 years? The pullout method isn’t a very “safe” method. I’ve tried spermicide as well– it was a horrible experience, it burned me from the inside, I felt so dry down there and it was really a painful experience.

Ha ha… paleo diet community does not offer solutions for contraception? Paleo dieters are mostly health freaks!

So I replied with:

Funny how truth in health works, huh? Optimal nutrition = optimal sexuality = optimal fertility

You are lucky at your young age you have all this information at your fingertips.

In the old days, it was the deception of contraception that seduced young people into sabotaging their health for the sake of sex without babies.

Consider then your 2 best options:

1. Fertility Awareness or Natural Family Planning. Go visit your NFP teacher / counselor / trainor. It’s heck easy. You can even go to Amazon and buy a high tech device to tell you if you are fertile.

2. Condoms. Yes, they suck bad. But it’s “sex”.

The trick to self control this way is to sleep in separate rooms. You remove the factor of suddenly having sex while half awake at 2am.

What is good about these methods is later on you guys can and usually may change your minds about having more children.

The trick is to think far and wide beyond your current budget and youthful sexual desires (for “unlimited” sex…).

For example:

– what if your current child dies? most parents will want a replacement. for me, I like having spares. like a spare tire. It’s ridiculous to think all children survive to adulthood or will reproduce in the future. I’ve handled cases of my first born almost dying if it weren’t for my healing super powers.

– I had a cousin commit suicide at 16. His mom already had a ligation. Which complicated in hysterectomy. Shucks… should have kept her reproductive abilities intact, now they’re down to 2 kids.

– I have a friend who got married and announced to all the guests in their wedding that they were absolutely not having children because the world is allegedly overpopulated. Funny how years later after a much colorful open sex life, these two had 2 daughters and are now just loving parents.

– in 2009 my wife and 3 children almost died in a great mud flood that engulfed our house and village and many parts of the metropolis and outskirts. Many people died in our village. I was out and safe in a motel. I thought I’d lose them all and have to start fresh. I was also relieved to think I had spares.

Things change. Keep your options open. And keep being HEALTHY…. the best wealth ever. Just sharing some older wisdom. I’m 42.

Then someone plays devil’s advocate implying I’m too cautious, that people have to die of something or that those people who I had pointed out were just unlucky… very small probability… not true. All of those idiotic commercial contraceptive measures have damning side effects.

So my reply was:

My point of view is I’m our family healer and been very successful at it… yes, I know how to cure and have helped cure those inane alleged incurable diseases like Cancer, Psoriasis, Diabetes, etc. I teach this for free at https://curemanual.com and I also teach how to overcome infertility at http://fertilityhelp.net

I’ll raise that stakes of Devil’s Advocacy by breaking down the Deception of Harmful Contraception for PROFIT’s sake.

1. Fertility Awareness / NFP – is easy to learn. And very effective. In fact, to overcome infertility, those trying to conceive learn these techniques and buy those devices on Amazon. It is the for profit deceptive and harmful contraceptives manufacturers in the market that spreads false notions that this is “rhythm” method. There is no profit to be gained by promoting NFP. Just as there is no profit really in promoting Paleo Diet. NFP and Paleo Diet persist because it’s based on basic Natural Laws… aka… TRUTH.

Fertility Monitor you can buy from Amazon

NFP / Billings Method fully explained:

These are the very same techniques used by those who WISH to be Pregnant!
All you need to do is have sex during infertile days.
(sleep in separate rooms so you don’t have sleep walking sex)


– you still get skin to skin sex
– you still get insemination bonding benefits
– waiting for sex keeps things hot
(unlimited sex gets boring really quick… we experienced that while trying to conceive with our 2nd child)

Will this be harmful to your health? Absolutely Not.

2. Condoms – Yes they work.
Disadvantage a. No semen enters the vagina. But it is this semen entering the vagina that builds strong bonds between couples. No insemination, no bond.
Disadvantage b. The thrill is gone. You can barely feel a thing. Real sex is skin to skin.

Will this be harmful to your health? Only if you are allergic to the material or you get one with chemicals (usually spermicides).

3. IUDs

Will this be harmful to your health? Absolutely yes. The very action injures your reproductive organs so the fertilized egg cannot implant. Usually now laced with hormones, that make it even more harmful to health. Double whammy.

(these people know the nightmare)

4. Patented Hormones and Patented Chemicals / drugs in: Birth Control Pills, Shots, Patches

Will this be harmful to your health? Absolutely yes. They make you sick… and this is why your body judges that you should not be getting pregnant.

(these people know the nightmare)

5. Ligation – Absolutely Injurious. Do you really expect your car to run well if I cut off one of the ignition cables?

(these people know the nightmare)

6. Vasectomy – Absolutely Injurious. Do you really expect your car to run well if I cut off one of the ignition cables?

(these people know the nightmare)

The very notion of Paleo Diet and Lifestyle is Follow Nature Specifications… because it’s the truth… and the truth works. To be as healthy as possible is the goal.

Sabotaging one’s health is absolutely NOT sexy. Sabotaging one’s health is a total turn off.

When women come to me asking for incurable disease advice, the very first thing I ask them is to get off any birth control crap they are on because that may well be the #1 cause of their disease. Years of deception made by the medical / pharmaceutical Cartel.

Do you want to be another denied statistical victim of these creeps?

If you think I’m harsh… well, what do you think it takes to be truly healthy? The physical laws of nature are even harsher and without remorse, without warning on all of those people that had suffered and died for that lure of “unlimited sex” without babies.

Observe in nature that to be considered alive is that you reproduce. Sex is a reproductive function… not a pleasure function. Ah youth… so easy to fool with promises of “unlimited sexual paradise” without consequences… It is a good thing people are waking up to physical truths these days… they have to, to get well from allegedly incurable diseases.