The success of Vander with a handful of cases of brain tumor with a zapper hooked up to the ear or ears and crossing over to a knee or on the same side knee was inspiring. Which got me to thinking about all the other cases I’ve been exposed to where we can make an impact on brain tumors. Here are some of my experiences and theories I shared with my other healer friends:

1. Zapper on the ears as Vander has discussed

2. Again through the ears, for people with soar throat and colds I pour a 50/50 solution of water and over the counter hydrogen peroxide, and it will clean off the infection in that area. So anything safe through the ears. Other things I put are virgin olive oil. And also Quantumin Minerals Plus drops.

3. Cayenne, Capsaicin through the sinuses. As reported by Kelley Eidem, an over the counter Sinus Blaster with capsaicin pumped in the sinuses greatly relieves cancer patients of cancer pain. Which shows the power of cayenne as an agent for circulation. And the sinuses are near enough and may access the brain.

You may think of other systems such as a netipot. I also just dab / massage quantumin minerals plus on the forehead or sinuses and it clears sinuses.

4. Cayenne and other herbs through the eyes as a delivery system. I remember years ago to fix my impending retinal detachment I bought a herbal eye formula from Dr. Schultz. He called it his eyebright formula which was improved from his teacher Dr. Christopher, Dr Schultz added cayenne. The delivery of eyebright is through an eye cup. Where the formula is mixed with water and the eye is immersed in that eye cup and you exercise your eyeball up down left right and around. Yes, delivery of herbs, cayenne through the eyes. In the old days, this was a popular method, delivery of herbs through the eyes. I remember my grandfather used to put drops of malunggay extract on his eyes to get rid of colds. So remember the eyes.

5. Then there is oral health. Your oral tract is near enough to the brain. And it must be kept immaculately clean. Essential oils come to mind: oregano oil, thieves blend, clove oil, OraMD, oil pulling, etc. Plus many things like being able to be clear enough to breath, getting rid of any sleep apnea where your body will then be fully oxygenated and that will help fight any cancer.

6. Clearing the lymph nodes, especially the neck of stuck up dirty lymph. Lymph drainage exercises. You can get some Weleda products to help massage the lymph down to move dirty lymph out of the neck.

7. If course there are body wide tools like pyroenergen which will get you on special static electricity inside and out. Beam ray machine, though hard to get through the skull, but I theorize that the patient lie down or tilt his head up to expose his chin up high so the electromagnetic waves from the beam ray machine penetrate his brain through his neck from the bottom of his skull which leads to the brain.

8. Must must must see your Biological Dentist for pockets of infections in your jaws or teeth, or metals in your mouth. Not only pull the decayed teeth, but also clean up the bone, drain of any infections.

There you are fellow healers, just some more ideas to get the ball rolling for your next brain tumor cases.